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Our Cool Little Truck is ready to make your life that much easier...
Offloading our Cool Little Truck
The Cool Little Truck offers refrigerated transport

The Cool Little Truck Company

We are a cool little logistics company specializing in focused refrigerated and chilled deliveries in the Johannesburg area.

We know that everyday deliveries can be a logistical nightmare (not to mention emotional strain!) for small and medium businesses who are trying to do it all themselves; we are perfectly situated to come alongside and turn logistics management into a dream!

Our Story

As a medium sized dairy producer from the heart of the Midlands, the demanding schedules of our customers, and difficulties of managing even a small fleet, caused numerous headaches at every point along our supply chain. To provide a better service to our customers (and preserve at least some of our sanity), we set up our own separate logistics arm and refrigerated depot.

The success of the Cool Little Truck Company encouraged us to extend a hand to those small and medium sized businesses that have outgrown their own delivery and logistics capacity, and are looking for a personal, flexible, responsive (and competitively priced!) logistics partner in the Johannesburg area.

Why worry about doing it all yourself, when we are available to do it for you?

*We are a totally independent logistics operator, and are not affiliated with any retailers.

Contact Info

Get hold of us directly via:

Don Smit on 060 969 7834

Or Thabile on 061 918 8710

The office on 033 492 0571

Email: jhbdepot@indezi.co.za




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